August 2012
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Free swims are being offered to youngsters aged five to 16 years from Monday, 23 July right through until September at All Seasons Leisure Centre.
1. Welcome from Gary Hall, Chief Executive
The aim of this monthly electronic magazine is to improve communication between Chorley Council and Town/Parish Councils and community and other local groups.

We would like to hear from you about articles you would find useful and if you have information you would like to cascade or have an event you would like us to publicise on Chorley Council's website.

In addition to this ezine you will find lots of information on Chorley Council's website. Some key information sources are below:
For press releases click here .

To find out when your bins will be emptied click here .

For information about planning applications click here .

For the events calendar click here .

For Get Up and Go summer activity information click here .

To find out about Council meetings click here .

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2. Making it happen in Chorley
The council is launching a new campaign to help highlight to residents where we are making improvements to benefit local people across the borough.

‘Making it happen in Chorley’ is the name of the new campaign that you will start to see on posters, flyers, banners and other material we produce as part of the council’s usual promotional work that will be seen by local people.

The aim will be to get things done for local people and to encourage more people to get involved in their local community. It will replace the Chorley Smile brand that sits alongside the corporate council logo, which will remain as it is.

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3. Congratulations Bradley Wiggins
Tour de France winner and newly-crowned Olympic champion Bradley Wiggins will return home to Eccleston with the honour of being offered the freedom of the borough in recognition of his amazing sporting achievements.

After seeing the inspiration his success has given to people in Chorley, and across the country, bosses at Chorley Council decided to offer him the greatest honour the authority can give to any individual.
For the full story click here.

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4. Annual Canvass of Electors
Each year the Council is required to undertake an Annual Canvass of Electors in order to update the Electoral Register. You may be aware that there are elections for Police and Crime Commissiors in November which means that the Annual Canvass of Electors has been brought forward and is already underway.

The new Register will be published on 16 October instead of the normal 1 December. This register will then be used as the register of electors for the Police and Crime Commissioners elections to be held on 15 November 2012.
For more information click here.

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5. New Code of Conduct for Councillors
As part of the Localism Act Local Authorities, Town and Parish Councils are obliged to adopt a revised Code of Conduct by 1 July 2012.

You are not obliged to use it but the Code adopted by Chorley Council can be accessed below. There is also a link to a note for pecuniary interests. Government guidance on the interpretation of pecuniary is awaited.
To view the model Code of Conduct adopted by Chorley Council click here .

To view a note on Disclosable Pecuniary Interests click here.

The DCLG have recently issued a guide for Councillors on Openness and Transparency on Personal Interests. If Town and Parish Councillors have any questions having considered the guide please contact your clerk. .

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6. Dog control orders approved
New control orders to promote responsible dog ownership and tackle the increasing problem of dog attacks will come into force in July.

The new measures, which have just been approved by Chorley Council, will help to reduce the number of dogs not being kept under control in the borough.

It comes after a rise in the number of complaints, which has seen council officers dealing with an average of one report of aggressive dog behaviour every week.

For more information click here .

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7. New approach for Equality Forum
Groups in Chorley that represent people from the different equality strands across the borough are being urged to get involved with Chorley Council's Equality Forum.

The authority is looking to refresh the group with an emphasis on getting new members and to improve the forum's effectiveness.
To find out more click here .

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8. Like us on Facebook!
As part of our drive to improve the way we communicate with residents through social networking sites we are launching a new Facebook page that will be more focused on the council.

We've already had a number of successful examples of where we've used things such as Twitter Q&A sessions and Facebook adverts to promote the council's services and the people we've worked with have all found it interesting and fun too.
Click here for our Facebook page.

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9. A fresh look at housing options
A scheme which allows people in Chorley looking for homes to rent the ability to shop around, is to be reviewed to ensure they are getting the best possible service.

It is just over 12 months since Chorley Council joined forces with neighbouring South Ribble and Preston Councils, and local housing associations, to set up the Selectmove scheme.

The scheme, which matches prospective tenants with properties, has been well used but the council wants to ensure local people are happy with the service and whether any further improvements need to be made.
For more information click here .

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10. An application for a Town Green...
Chorley Council has been notified by Lancashire County Council that they have received an application for registration of a Town Green at Bradley Lane Pond Field, Eccleston under the Commons Act 2006.

A copy of the full application and accompanying documents are available for public inspection at the reception of the Chorley Council Town Hall during the hours of 9am – 5pm.
Information in respect of this application and other Town or Village Green applications can be accessed here.

To view the Notice of Application click here.

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11. Sweeping and waste bins update
With the exception of high profile areas, for example, the Town Centre, it is not always possible to be specific about days and dates. However if at any time, you see an area that needs sweeping, or a bin that is overflowing, please report it on the contact details at the bottom of this email. If it is scheduled to be sorted shortly, we won’t do it twice. If it isn’t scheduled to be done soon, the response team will deal with it.
For more information click here .

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12. Road Traffic Regulation Orders
Lancashire County Council have given notice of the following Road Traffic Regulation Orders for July 2012
To view the Traffic Regulation Orders click here .

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13. News from our partners
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The first meeting of the Police and Crime Panel is being held on 31 July. If you are interested in the agenda for that meeting click here.

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